Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I track my fish online?

Yes. Once we have your fish packaged and ready to be shipped, we will send you an email including a tracking number, which can be used at or you can call 1-800-GO-FEDEX, for an estimated time of delivery.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No. We are only able to service the continental United States with overnight delivery. This includes Hawaii, but an additional $35 fee is added at checkout due to shipping costs.

How is my order going to be packaged?

Our commitment to quality here at Island Seafoods leaves nothing out. All seafood leaves our facility completely frozen. To ensure minimal thawing during shipment, we package your fish in foil-insulated boxes which include gel ice. Our packaging is designed to keep your seafood frozen for the 24 hours it takes to be delivered. In the event that your fish has started to mildly thaw during shipping, place in your freezer immediately and it will be fine.

How long before my shipment will arrive from Alaska?

We ship all seafood via FedEx Overnight delivery. You may either select Standard Overnight delivery service (afternoon delivery) or Priority Overnight delivery service (morning delivery in most urban locations) when finalizing your order. If you live in a smaller town or rural location, please select Priority Overnight delivery, and your shipment will arrive mid to late afternoon. To give us adequate time to prepare your shipment, an order must be placed before 3:00 pm Alaska Standard Time (1 hour behind PST) to be able to be shipped out the next ship date. Delivering seafood on Saturday does require an additional fee; if you need your seafood delivered on the weekend please select the Saturday Delivery option when finalizing your order.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard Overnight delivery is the least expensive option: a 1-5 lb order would cost $60 to ship, a 6-10 lb order $70, and so on. Saturday Delivery and shipments to Hawaii are another $35 more. But the good news is that FedEx shipping is fast, reliable, and guaranteed to be on time! When you have your wild alaskan seafood in front of you, you’ll know that the price you paid for quality shipping was worth it.

What if I’m not home when my order arrives?

All our FedEx shipments are sent “signature release,” meaning that FedEx will leave the package at your door without a signature in the event that you are not home to receive it.”

What if my order is late/gets lost?

It’s pretty rare for a shipment to show up late…but if you do encounter any problem with your order, just let us know right away and we will be happy to file a claim with FedEx and either ship you a new box of seafood or refund your purchase. Sometimes, boxes are delayed due to causes beyond anyone’s control, such as weather, but in most cases we can resolve any problems you might have quickly and with little hassle



Are your scallops “dry” or “wet” (and what’s the difference)?

Most scallops sold in the U.S. are treated with tripolyphosphate, a widely used food additive that helps scallops retain moisture, which is why they are called “wet.” These treated scallops often shrink dramatically when cooked as the water leaves them, resulting in a much smaller scallop than one was expecting! All of our scallops are “dry,” meaning untreated with tripolyphosphate.

How long will my fish stay good in the freezer?

For most species, it is best if eaten within approximately one year. The vacuum bag will preserve the fish longer, but flavor and texture will be premium if consumed within that timeframe. Once a fillet is thawed or removed from the vacuum bag, it should be consumed within a couple of days.

Is any of your seafood farmed?

No, Island Seafoods fish is wild caught in local Alaska waters by our fishermen, delivered to our dock, and processed right here! Wild-caught seafood is definitely more nutritious and environmentally responsible than farmed alternatives, so you should accept no substitutes!

Note: we do sell some quality seafood products sourced outside Alaska, but it is always noted in the title and or description.

Is Island Seafoods’ fish sustainably harvested?

Island Seafoods is MSC certified, meaning that all of the fish we sell is harvested responsibly and sustainably. Alaskan fisheries are the most closely monitored and best managed in the world, and all of our fisheries are stable and healthy. When you buy Alaskan seafood, you can be confident that you are making an environmentally friendly choice.

Why are you selling your seafood for less than other sites?

We feel a better question is why are they selling theirs for so much more! Since Island Seafoods purchases our fish fresh directly from the fishermen that catch it, and then process it here in house with our skilled and efficient filleters, there’s no middle man to hold things up or raise prices! That means that our seafood is processed and frozen as quickly after harvest as possible, and our costs are kept low.

We believe strongly in making fresh Wild Alaskan Seafood affordable for everyone so that no one ever has to compromise on inferior farmed fish. We challenge you to find lower prices for wild seafood anywhere!

Sport Fish

Sport Fish

Can you ship my fish home for me?

Yes. We ship all fish via FedEx Overnight delivery, to the entire United States, including Hawaii. You can arrange a shipping date with us while you are in Kodiak, or you can call once you arrive home and give us your shipping information over the phone. Shipping your fish home is often the preferred method for many clients because it is like buying a first-class ticket for your fish- overnight from our plant to your door.

How long will it take to get my fish smoked?

If you choose to have your salmon or halibut smoked, it typically takes about one week. If you are leaving Kodiak before your fish is back from the smokehouse, you can arrange to have it shipped home via FedEx Overnight delivery, and it can be brought right to your door.

How long will my fish stay good once it is vacuum-sealed and frozen?

Once your catch has been vacuum-sealed and frozen, it is best if eaten within approximately one year. The vacuum bag will preserve the fish longer, but flavor and texture will be premium if consumed within that timeframe. Once a fillet is thawed or removed from the vacuum bag, it should be consumed within a couple of days.

How many fish am I allowed to catch in Kodiak?

Current bag-limit and fishing regulations are available from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Click here to view the regulations for Kodiak.

How many pieces of luggage will the airline let me take on the flight home?

Currently Alaska Airlines and ERA Aviation allow each passenger two fifty (50) pound pieces of luggage. The following rates apply for extra or overweight luggage:

  • 51 to 100 lbs $75 each
  • Extra Luggage (up to 3 extra pieces) $75 each

Fees and limitations change frequently. View Alaska Airlines current regulations.

How should I care for a fish I catch?

Fishing in Kodiak is typically done one of two ways. Charter boats, and those adventurers who fish Kodiak’s many rivers and streams. If you are fishing on a Charter vessel, your skipper will take care of preserving the fish until you arrive at our dock.

If you catch a nice and bright salmon one of Kodiak’s many rivers, it is most important to thoroughly bleed your fish, and quickly ice it down. Bleeding is typically done by tearing or cutting a gill, and/or slicing the tail. Once the fish is fully bled-out, you should ice it down until it is handed off to us for processing. If you feel comfortable doing so, removing the head and guts from fish may also be appropriate. Exposing fillets to loose ice can result in bleaching of the flesh or degredation of quality; if one is going to pack loose fillets in ice, please wrap them in a bag first.

How will my fish be packaged when I pick it up from you?

When the time comes to pick up your catch from us, you have the option of having it boxed. Our boxes are wax-sealed, for optimum leakage protection, and include an insulated foam lining to keep your fish frozen during your travel home. Island Seafoods carries 15 pound, 25 pound, 50 pound and 80 pound boxes. All boxes are available at a minimal additional charge, and are airline-approved for travel.

I am fishing with a charter boat. How will I get my catch from their boat to you?

This is where it gets easy for you. After you’ve landed that barndoor halibut, you get to sit back, take pictures and watch us do the rest. Our dockside facility is equipped with a crane which we lower to the charter vessel and bring your catch in to be processed. While you snap photos and watch the fish enter our facility, a member of our staff will come aboard the charter vessel to get your custom processing requests and gather any information we may need to assist you.

What is “Custom Processing?”

Our professional staff of processors will hand-fillet your fish, vacuum-seal it and finally blast-freeze it. You can choose the portion size (typically cuts weighing about 1.5#) and whether we fillet or steak your catch. In addition, if you wish to have your fish smoked, we work with Kodiak Island Smokehouse and can have your fish smoked and ready to be enjoyed about one week from when you drop it off.

What is the expected turn around time to process my fish?

For us to be able to fillet, vacuum-seal and properly freeze your catch, we typically have a minimum turnaround of about 24 hours. In the event that you catch a fish the same day you are leaving, some exceptions can be made to the best of our processing capabilities.

What is the recovery on an average fish?

Recovery is the amount of fillet weight that you get back once the spine, entrails and head are removed. A question often asked is, “If I bring a 200lb halibut to be filleted, how much meat will I get back?” If you do actually bring a 200lb halibut in, you’ll get approximately 50% of its weight in finished fillets- around 100lbs of fillets… and a round of congratulations on such a monster fish! Halibut typically yield about a 40-50% recovery on a forty-pound fish, a little more on bigger fish, and a little less on smaller fish. An average salmon will get you back about 50% fillet weight, and a rockfish or ling cod will get you a turnaround of about 25-35%.

What salmon will be running when I visit?

Kodiak has world-class fishing of all 5 Pacific salmon species. The first salmon to enter the freshwater system is the King Salmon (also known as Chinook salmon) in May and June, though the strongest King runs typically begin in July. Simultaneously, sockeye (Red Salmon) start their run in early June. As the sockeye migration begins to slow around mid to late July, you will begin to see Pink Salmon (Humpies) and Chums (Dog Salmon) to enter as well. Lastly, starting in mid to late August, Coho (Silver Salmon) start showing their fins. This coho run lasts well in to October, and even some in to November. No matter what time of the summer you decide to fish Kodiak, you’ll be sure to find a salmon somewhere near.

Will I get my own fish back?

Yes, absolutely. You worked hard catching those fish, and we’ll make sure you get those very same fish back when you leave. Island Seafoods has a state-of-the-art computer tracking system for all sportfish brought in our doors, and a staff dedicated to fisherman-satisfaction. We are a professional commercial processing plant, and we take pride in our high quality of service.