How should I care for a fish I catch?

Fishing in Kodiak is typically done one of two ways. Charter boats, and those adventurers who fish Kodiak’s many rivers and streams. If you are fishing on a Charter vessel, your skipper will take care of preserving the fish until you arrive at our dock.

If you catch a nice and bright salmon one of Kodiak’s many rivers, it is most important to thoroughly bleed your fish, and quickly ice it down. Bleeding is typically done by tearing or cutting a gill, and/or slicing the tail. Once the fish is fully bled-out, you should ice it down until it is handed off to us for processing. If you feel comfortable doing so, removing the head and guts from fish may also be appropriate. Exposing fillets to loose ice can result in bleaching of the flesh or degredation of quality; if one is going to pack loose fillets in ice, please wrap them in a bag first.

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