Five reasons to serve Alaskan Red King Crab at Thanksgiving

Five reasons to serve Alaskan Red King Crab at Thanksgiving

1. Fantastic flavor

The perfect Thanksgiving dinner main dish should be moist and flavorful, and Alaskan Red King Crab gives you that naturally. The meat is sweet, succulent and rich, with no special prep required. And they’re organic, of course.

2. Happy guests

By definition a King Crab dinner is a special occasion, and sharing that with guests and loved ones says a lot about your appreciation for them. (Or it could be that you just need to impress your in-laws!). Regardless of your motivation, serving delicious Alaskan crab legs always leads to smiles, camaraderie as you crack open shells, and satisfied appetites.

3. No brining, trussing or basting

There’s got to be a whole shelf in the bookstore devoted to turkey prep for a well-seasoned bird that’s not dried out. If you’ve got that process down, high five! Red King Crab legs are so easy to prepare, it would take a team of creative chefs to come up with even one “how-to” book. Just steam or bake for a few minutes and serve with melted butter for perfection every time!

4. Sleep in!

A well-baked bird often requires you to set your alarm for an hour that’s more common for fishermen getting an early start than for someone enjoying a holiday. Have a leisurely morning, focus on preparing your side dishes, and enjoy time with your guests. The main attraction cooks up in just a few minutes – and you can relax knowing there are no bags under your eyes.

5. No leftovers

Some readers would put “No leftovers” on a list of reasons why not to serve Red King Crab for Thanksgiving, but look at the up side. It means everyone loved the food enough to eat every morsel. There’s no carcass to pick over, and there’s no figuring out a jigsaw puzzle of containers spilling out of your fridge. What is left over is the memory of a great meal and a desire to eat Red King Crab more often. Definitely an up side!

Right now Alaskan Red King Crab, the finest crab available, is in season and available for your holiday table.