Red King Crab – a new Thanksgiving Tradition

Red King Crab – a new Thanksgiving Tradition

When you’re in the fishing business in Alaska, November means one thing – Red King Crab Season. Island Seafood’s original logo is a loud and proud red king crab on a bright green background, so you know we’re crazy about it. The popularity of reality television shows set aboard crabbing vessels has raised awareness about the industry and the different types of crab we fish for in Alaska – Bairdi, Opilio, Dungeness, Golden and Red King.

Our Red King Crab is harvested from the famous waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. It’s the most prized crab species in all Alaska. 

Limited fishery – the season is now

The Red King Crab fishery is only open from October 15 to January 15. Within this limited timeframe, commercial fishermen in Alaska hope to harvest 6.6 million pounds. Now that’s a lot of tasty! Since the crab is frozen, you can order any time of year, but there’s something special about eating it in season, knowing the amount of work the Alaska fishermen put into their catch.

Easy prep, fabulous presentation

We can’t say enough about how delicious these sweet, plump crab legs are – and how easy they are to prepare. They arrive pre-cooked and frozen. Thaw them overnight in the refrigerator and then throw in a large stock pot with a little water to steam them for about 5-10 minutes. Basically you are just reheating them to perfection. You can get fancy by adding sliced lemons and seasoning (maybe even beer) to the steaming liquid, but going simple is just fine. The brilliant red crab legs provide a vivid splash of color to your table. That, contrasted with the sunny yellow of melted butter, is a welcome sight to any meal.

New Thanksgiving tradition

So why not put some in the middle of your Thanksgiving table? Plan ahead for a showstopper King Crab dinner, with ½ lb. to 1 lb. for each person. You can serve it with many of the traditional sides – corn, roasted potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes – except maybe the cranberry sauce and gravy (don’t even try it!).

Serving King Crab makes any dinner feel a bit more special, and more homey, too – since you eat the legs with your hands, and plenty of paper towels! Camaraderie builds easily around the table as formalities are set aside in favor of getting to those sweet chunks of Alaskan Red King Crab Legs.

Starting small

If you aren’t ready to cross turkey off your dinner list, an appetizer with crab has guests forgetting all about the fact that the bird is still not done. A warm crab dip with crostini sets a decadent tone for the meal to come. Or fry up a few lightly-seasoned crab cakes. Nothing too fussy, because the crab speaks for itself. (We like them lumpy so you can taste big chunks of flavor.) Bringing a side featuring Alaska Red King Crab is doubly welcome and impressive if you are joining others for the big meal.

Thanks to you

We don’t know what we’re serving for Thanksgiving yet, but it will likely be Alaskan seafood. No matter what ends up on the table, we’ll be thankful for our healthy fishery, the opportunity to continue a seafaring lifestyle, and for our customers like you who help us share Alaska’s bounty every day, not just on holidays.