Welcome to the Daily Catch

We are proud to launch the new and improved IslandSeafoods.com.

I would like to kick things of by introducing myself. My name is Ian Whiddon. I was born and raised here in Kodiak. My wife Rachel, our daughter, son and 2 dogs live just a few minutes from bustling St. Paul Harbor.

Before I worked with Island Seafoods full time more than 10 years ago I was a crew member on a local salmon seiner. In the spring, I participated in the Herring Fishery around Kodiak Island and Togiak in Western Bristol Bay. After the summer Salmon Fishery, I would come back and work at Island Seafoods in the winter processing Alaskan Cod. 

Since we are right here on the edge of the harbor, Island Seafoods has it’s finger on the pulse of the fishing industry, and work directly with the fishermen and vessels processing the catch right here on site.

We would to love to send some fish your way!

As each fishery opens and unfolds I plan on updating this blog on a regular basis to keep you informed on what’s fresh off the boat. And you can also see what we’re  up to by following the Island Seafoods Facebook Page

If you have any questions or comments feel free to Contact Us or call toll free, 888-355-8575 if you want to talk fish.


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